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Employee Spotlight: Celebrating the Exceptional Women at 1220 Exhibits

At 1220 Exhibits, we believe in recognizing the outstanding contributions of our team members through employee spotlights. In March, we celebrated some of our top female employees for Women’s History Month. The post got so much love, we decided to log it as a blog. These employees continue to inspire and lead with dedication, expertise, and creativity. Join us in shining a spotlight on these remarkable women who make our team shine brighter each and every day. 

Valerie King: Empowering Success Through Coordination & Expertise

Valerie King, our Account Executive, brings over two decades of experience to our team. With her extensive background in museum services and a keen eye for detail, Valerie excels in finding solutions for the unique challenges of each project. Her excellent coordination skills and commitment to teamwork ensure the success of every endeavor. 

Michelle Force: Leading With Precision and Passion

As a Project Manager, Michelle leads with precision and passion, ensuring that every project is delivered on time and within budget. With her background in graphic design and art history, Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge to her role, effectively managing projects from conception to completion. 

Melinda Oblinger: Bringing Concepts to Life

Melinda, our Scenic Services Manager, is a true artist at heart. With over 30 years of experience in the scenic field, Melinda’s creative problem-solving skills and dedication to quality craftsmanship shine through in every project. Her meticulous attention to detail and exemplary work ethic are the cornerstones of our scenic department. 

Tammy Hicks: Bridging the Gap with Graphic Expertise

As the Graphics Project Manager, Tammy serves as the liaison between the graphics department and project management, ensuring seamless communication and execution. With over 20 years of experience in the graphics department, Tammy’s expertise in printing techniques and graphic design is invaluable to our team. 

Emily Bell: Leading With Positivity and Proactivity

Emily, a seasoned Project Manager, leads with positivity, tireless energy, and problem-solving skills. Her dedication to client relationships and effective communication ensures that every project stays on track and within budget. Emily’s extensive experience and leadership are instrumental to 1220’s success. 

Caitlin Hicks: Driving Excellence Through Systematic Approach

Caitlin, our Senior Project Manager, brings a systematic approach to every project, ensuring that every detail is meticulously executed. With her background in graphics production and anthropology, Caitlin understands the value of client relationships and strives for excellence in everything she does. 

Join us in celebrating these exceptional women and employees of 1220 who embody the spirit of creativity, innovation, and teamwork. Their passion and dedication inspire us all to reach new heights of excellence. Want to learn more about our amazing 1220 Exhibits team? Head over to “Our Team” page!