Behind the Scenes with Custom Carpenters and Fabricators

In the United States, there are over 700,000 people employed as carpenters or fabricators. Carpentry and fabrication are essential to the manufacturing of products we use every day. Custom carpenters are among some of the most well-paid workers in the industry, and it’s because of the wealth of knowledge the job requires. Custom fabrication jobs […]

1220 Exhibits Memorializes the Sports World Nationwide

In the United States alone, more than 150 million people watch live sports at least once a month. Sports are a core part of American life. They have the power to entertain, motivate, inspire, and create some of the greatest stories the world has ever seen. It’s only fair that the best athletes are honored […]

What is Intelligent Woodwork Design?

There are about 238,000 professional woodworkers in the US. Whether you dream of joining their ranks or enjoy woodworking projects as a hobby, learning more about the activity is a great way to start. Woodworking has a fascinating past and an exciting future. Learn how this “traditional” activity is adapting to the times and why […]

Keeping Up with Museum Technology: Stepping Stones Museum For Children

It’s been a rough few years for organizations, not least of which include museums. During the pandemic, museums in the United States reported that they were working at an average of 35% capacity.  Curators and managers have had to get creative and nuanced when it comes to engagement. Taking a cue from the corporate world, […]

History in the Making: The Presidential Exhibit Tour

In the United States, there are 15 presidential libraries located across the country. These libraries offer interesting exhibits and information about some of our finest presidents in American history.  Some of the ones that we have been fortunate enough to be involved with are the Dwight D. Eisenhower, Harry S. Truman, and Abraham Lincoln Presidential […]

Importance of an In-house Design Team

When planning a large project and deciding who to place your trust in to create this project, it is important to consider all factors of the design process- from the planning stage to the final installation. It is crucial to have a design team that will be knowledgeable about your project and hands-on every step […]

The Three E’s of Museums Explained

The Three E’s of Museums Explained At 1220 Exhibits, we pride ourselves on our versatility. We started as an offshoot of a marketing agency, started building tradeshows, and morphed into primarily a museum exhibit fabricator. While we are willing to accept almost any challenge, our main focus areas are Exhibits, Events, and Environments. But what […]

Everything You Need to Know About Design Fabrication Jobs

Design fabrication jobs are far-reaching and very important in the design industry. These jobs are working to bring together the physical elements of design with new emerging tech. They require a particular set of skills, which include understanding various design technologies and processes. So how do you get a job in the design industry? Here’s […]

5 Ways to Join the World of Experiential Design

How do you tell your story? With words? Pictures?  Or maybe the space around you? Experiential design is a type of design that weaves together storytelling and one’s environment. Defining this type of design can feel challenging because it leaves a lot of room for interpretation, and can be used in a variety of settings.  […]

The Expert Process of Museum Exhibition Design

There are about 35,000 active museums in the US. Each of these museums features multiple exhibits that spread knowledge and awareness about various topics. In order to get the most out of each display, professional museum exhibition design is key. Whether you’re designing an exhibit yourself or just are curious, read on to learn the […]

Duck River Education Room featured by TN State Parks

1220 recently helped fabricate the Duck River Education Room at Henry Horton State Park, which was featured on the TN State Parks website as one of the top parks to visit this summer. The educational exhibit space inside Henry Horton State Park’s Visitor Center is focused on learning about and protecting the Duck River, its […]