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Historical Narratives

Historical Narratives Beyond Words: 1220 Exhibits’ Talents in Storytelling

In the realm of exhibits, historical narratives become more than mere facts; they transform into living stories that resonate across generations. At 1220 Exhibits, we’re privileged to bring these historical narratives to life, crafting impactful projects that tell our clients’ stories with depth and emotion. From the healing stories and inspiring origin of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to the evocative journey of resilience at Greenwood Rising and the immersive dive into history at the WWII Museum. Join us in exploring how 1220’s storytelling prowess transcends words, weaving tales that touch hearts and inspire change.

Unveiling Historical Narratives: The Danny Thomas ALSAC Pavilion 

At the heart of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN,  lies a historical narrative that epitomizes the compassion, dedication, and unwavering pursuit of hope. Founded by the legendary entertainer Danny Thomas, St. Jude’s inception was rooted in a promise – a promise to save children’s lives regardless of their background or ability to pay. This extraordinary commitment led to the establishment of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and its fundraising arm, ALSAC (American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities). In our journey through historical narratives, we find ourselves drawn to the Danny Thomas ALSAC Pavilion, a testament to the boundless impact that individuals and their stories can have on the world.

1220 Exhibits completed work on this exhibit in May 2012. If you want to check out additional photos of our work, head over to our Portfolio section here.

Resilience Revived: Greenwood Rising

Greenwood Rising stands as a beacon of resilience, a poignant tribute to the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma – often referred to as “Black Wall Street.” This historic area, once a thriving hub of Black entrepreneurship and culture, was tragically destroyed in the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921. Greenwood Rising emerges from the ashes of this painful story, telling the story of Black excellence, community strength, and the pursuit of justice. 

Through immersive audio/visual exhibits, large scale graphics, and detailed scenic elements, visitors travel through the experiences of Greenwood and survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. This moving experience incorporates elements of life on Black Wall Street including a holographic barbershop interactive, large recreations of what survivors might have experienced during the massacre, and areas for visitors to continue the dialogue and make commitments to furthering racial reconciliation. 

1220 was honored to be a part of such a meaningful historical narrative and important project for the city of Tulsa. Check out photos of this project here.

National World War II Museum: Road to Tokyo 

The National World War II Museum’s second exhibition in the Campaigns of Courage Pavilion sharing the story of WWII is detailed in Road to Tokyo that explores the evolving strategy for fighting in Asia and the Pacific, and the cultural differences and tremendous range of extreme conditions that confronted soldiers. 

Guests are taken on an immersive journey starting with the Pearl Harbor bombings through Japan’s surrender in galleries including The New Naval Warfare, Guadalcanal, Pacific Campaign Challenges, Island Hopping, Chin-Burma India, Philippines, Death at Japan’s  Doorstep and Downfall. Casework utilizes a color palette that blends into the environment with bases constructed to resemble ammo cases. Interpretive graphics and archival casework are seamlessly integrated throughout the exhibit with warfare footage on scrims hung throughout several galleries.

Road to Tokyo was one of 1220’s largest scenic projects with scenic artisans that traveled to the museum for a multiple month long installation period. The museum selected 350 artifacts from their collection to display in the 10,300 sq. ft. gallery that were installed over the course of a month.

Historical Narratives Transcend Time

In these historical narratives, we witness the power of stories to transcend time. From the Danny Thomas ALSAC Pavilion’s legacy of compassion to Greenwood Rising’s testament of resilience and the lessons of sacrifice within the WWII Museum, 1220 Exhibits unites the threads of history into immersive experiences. These narratives remind us that stories are bridges connecting our past, present, and future, illustrating that their impact goes far beyond words along.