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Bringing Imaginations to Life: The 1220 Scenic Department

The history of scenic production for exhibits dates back to the 18th century when the first public exhibitions were taking place. At this time, the exhibits were often based on natural history, and the scenery used was usually made of paper, wood, and fabric. As exhibitions became more popular, the scenery became more elaborate, with the use of wax figures, mechanical devices, and complex sets.

The 1220 Scenic Department is an impressive team of artisans with decades of experience creating breathtaking exhibits and environments. From the tiniest insect to an immersive jungle, 1220’s talented artisans have the capability to bring to life any concept imaginable. 

The team works collaboratively with the client to develop a durable and high-quality artistic interpretation of the design intent. To effectively communicate their vision, concept drawings, sketches, illustrations, and 3D models are utilized. Models are often created to prove a concept and/or sample a specific finish or fabrication method.

1220’s artisans have the ability to create or recreate any design, in any size, from any combination of materials. Using reference images and artifacts for inspiration, they create models and props ranging from exact representations and portrait sculptures to stylized interpretations in a variety of artistic styles. The team can also produce custom casts. When casting from live figures, 1220 carefully selects models that ensure the essence of the design intent is captured.

 A 1220 artist hand sculpts the final features to ensure every detail is accurate, down to strands of hair and eye shape. Clothing and props, like hard coat originals, can also be sculpted or the figures can be dressed in artifacts. The Scenic Team employs an array of polish, shadow, aging, and distressed paint techniques to bring any exhibit area or museum diorama to life. This is the final touch that brings the scene together and makes a recreated environment highly realistic and believable. 

Today, the use of scenic production for exhibits is even more advanced. Digital projection, interactive elements, and virtual reality are all being used to create immersive experiences. As technology continues to evolve, more dynamic and intricate scenic elements will be used to create even more captivating exhibits.

The 1220 Scenic Department’s expertise extends beyond the creation of the scenic elements of a project. They also have experience in installation logistics, rigging, and the coordination of complex projects in a variety of venues. With their attention to detail, the 1220 Scenic Team is able to bring any vision to life.

The team at 1220 is looking for talented individuals to join the group. If you are interested, check out more of work under the Portfolio section. Feel free to contact us through our site as well!