1220 Exhibits has the knowledge to protect and safely display any artifact. With over 30 years of experience, the in-house Artifact Mount Designer and Fabricator develops custom mounts and brackets designed to maximize the display of each artifact.


1220’s Artifact Mount Designer and Fabricator creates custom mount and bracket designs to suit any project. After meeting with the curator or conservator to gain an understanding of the unique needs of each artifact and documenting the necessary measurements and tracings, sketches are produced for each artifact mount including material recommendations. The goal is to design a mount that meets the safety and conservation needs while remaining as low profile as possible keeping the focus on the artifact.


Once designs are approved, all mounts are custom fabricated in-house by custom welding, sewing, carving foam and acrylic construction. Final installation is done on site so that no artifacts ever have to leave the security of the museum. All artifact mounts are designed using approved conservation materials such as brass, Plexiglas, acrylic coated materials and archival papers in accordance with museum standards.


1220’s Artifact Mount Designer and Fabricator works from images, dimensions and tracings to layout the artifacts in AutoCAD to ensure a proper fit and relation to the overall design aesthetic.


1220’s Artifact Mount Designer and Fabricator leads the installation of all mounts and artifacts on site. This consistency of personnel ensures the maximization of artifact safety and understanding and guarantees that the knowledge used in designing the mount is taken into consideration during the installation. With the handling of a wide variety of media, precautions are always taken to ensure the safety and security of each artifact. As needed, several members of 1220’s Account Management and Production Staff are trained and experienced in Art Handling and will assist with the on-site installation.

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