Our in-house Interactives Department meets and exceeds the demands of modern expectations for interactive exhibits by leveraging over 49 years of combined industry experience. From simple pulleys and hydraulics to more complex water tables and radio-controlled interactives, our team designs and fabricates low-and high-tech interactives that offer innovative solutions for demanding designs.


The in-house Interactives Studio allows for the prototyping and testing of new interactive designs, technologies and ideas during intensive research and a development phase to ensure that the final product meets the unique needs of each design.

Thorough investigation helps the team find the most economic and durable solution to each interactive need and fully explores the use of materials, technology, and interactivity. Proper testing seeks out durability, comprehension, and ease of use by the desired audience as well as potential pinch points and ADA compliance. As needed, test groups are brought to 1220’s production facility to assist in the testing and proof of the concept.


Although all interactives are fully integrated into the exhibit elements at 1220’s production facility prior to shipping, an Interactives team member will travel to site to complete the final installation of each interactive and perform final testing. 1220 also trains the museum staff on the function, maintenance, and care of each interactive.

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