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Eternal Elegance: The Durability of Elite Metalworking in Museum Exhibits

In the world of museum exhibits, there is a material that stands the test of time, preserving the essence of history for generations to come – metal. Elite metalworking has proven to be a timeless art, crafting exhibits of enduring beauty and durability. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of elite metalworking in creating museum exhibits. These exhibits exude eternal elegance and showcase iconic examples of metalwork within exhibits that 1220 has had the honor of working on. 

The Timeless Art of Elite Metalworking

Elite metalworking is more than just crafting beautiful pieces; it is an art that combines precision, creativity, and craftsmanship to create exhibits that withstand the passage of time. As a medium, metal holds a unique allure, adding a touch of sophistication and strength to any exhibit. Metal incorporated into exhibits adds a visually striking touch. The metal components embody a sense of permanence, capturing the essence of history within intricate details. 

1220’s Elite Metalworking

1220’s metal fabrication serves as both exhibit support and enhancements. Our metal department works with a variety of steel and aluminum, such as sheet metal, rods, bars, pipes, and tubes. 

The use of band saw, a metal shear, a CNC router or even a plasma cutter ensure a quality cut. Metal tube and pipe are custom rolled, cut and welded to create unique pieces.

Let’s take a look at some of 1220 Exhibits’ projects that have incorporated this elite metalworking.

National Civil Rights Museum 

At the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee, 1220 Exhibits utilized metal techniques to construct life and static casting. 

From static objects to live models, 1220’s artists create custom casts by fabricating reusable molds. According to the desired finish, a variety of materials are considered for the final cast such as foam, plastic resin and low temperature metals. 

For this particular project at the National Civil Rights Museum, metals were incorporated into the live models. Metal casting ensures the models are strong and durable and also allowed 1220 Exhibits to add intricate details to the figures. 

Interested in checking out some photos from this particular project? Head on over to our Portfolio page here.

Museum of Mississippi History 

In 2016, 1220 Exhibits worked on exhibits for the new Museum of Mississippi History, specializing in fabrication and installation for this specific project. Split onto two floors and totaling 26,193 square feet, the exhibits provide a history of the state in eight chronological exhibit zones and four theaters. 

Visitors may explore the State’s history at an overview level via a central fast track or in greater depth within each zone. Three “breakout” galleries highlight the topics of Native Americans today,  Mississippians in the military, and Mississippi’s rich culture of artists, musicians, and writers. 

1220 produced and installed all components related to the exhibits, including archival casework, cast-from-life figures, themed environments, dioramas, and models. Over 1700 graphics provide interpretation of the state’s history via a variety of output methods. Some methods include Lightjet digital prints, direct-to-substrate on metal, fabric scrims, wallpaper murals, and more.

Direct-to-substrate printing (DTSP) is another unique way 1220 Exhibits shows off elite metalworking. This process is when inkjet technology prints high-quality, intricately-detailed images onto metals, including stainless steel or aluminum. This type of printing can also be done on other materials. These materials include glass, plastics, etc., but for this particular project, 1220’s metalworking capabilities were essential here.

Prevalence of Elite Metalworking in Museum Exhibits

As you can tell from the examples above, while exhibits may not be entirely composed of metal, it is evident that metal plays a crucial role in a majority of the projects at 1220 Exhibits. 

From intricate metal castings that bring historical figures to life, to the versatility of direct-to-substrate printing on metal for stunning visuals, metalworking serves as a cornerstone of excellence in exhibit fabrication. As we continue to push the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship, elite metalworking will continue to be an integral part of creating museum exhibits that captivate and inspire generations to come. 

Interested in learning more about 1220 Exhibits’ metalworking capabilities? Feel free to visit our capabilities page or contact us directly to learn more.