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Estimating and Project Management

The Art of Estimating and Project Management: Exceptional Installations On Time and On Budget

When it comes to creating unforgettable exhibits and immersive experiences, there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes than meets the eye. From conceptualization to installation, a well-executed project requires meticulous planning, precise estimating, and effective project management. At 1220 Exhibits, we have mastered the art of estimating and project management to deliver exceptional installations that not only meet our clients’ vision but also stay on time and within budget. In this blog post, we will walk you through our process, share valuable insights, and highlight the key elements that contribute to our success.

Understanding Estimating and Project Management:

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s start by understanding what estimating and project management entail. Estimating involves accurately calculating the costs, resources, and time required to complete a project. It takes into account various factors such as materials, labor, equipment, and any other expenses that may arise. Project management, on the other hand, is the process of planning, organizing, and controlling all aspects of a project to ensure its successful completion. It involves tasks such as scheduling, budgeting, resource allocation, risk management, and communication.

The Importance of Accurate Estimating:

Accurate estimating is the foundation of any successful project. It helps set realistic expectations, ensures proper resource allocation, and provides a clear roadmap for the entire project. At 1220 Exhibits, we understand the significance of thorough and precise estimating. Our team of experienced estimators carefully analyzes project requirements, evaluates potential challenges, and considers every detail to provide not only accurate but fair estimates, cost saving solutions, product knowledge, and written exhibit analyses. By utilizing our expertise and historical data, we can confidently anticipate costs and timelines, allowing us to deliver on our promises.

Upon request, 1220 Exhibits also offers value engineering. If requested, the team will suggest cost saving solutions via alternatives in materials or building techniques, while still maintaining the integrity of the design. Our estimators are constantly looking for innovative materials, techniques, and hardware to create the best exhibit possible while working within the given budget.

Effective Project Management Strategies:

Once the estimating phase is complete, it’s time to move on to project management. Effective project management is crucial to ensure smooth execution, timely delivery, and adherence to budget constraints. Our project managers are experts in the field of fabrication techniques, materials, and industry trends. Here are some key strategies our team employs at 1220 Exhibits to ensure successful projects:

  1. Clear Communication and Collaboration: Open and transparent communication is at the heart of successful project management, as our motto is the communication-first approach. We foster strong relationships with our clients and maintain regular communication throughout the project lifecycle. By keeping all stakeholders informed and involved, we can quickly address any concerns, make necessary adjustments, and ensure everyone is on the same page. The project manager acts as the main point of contact throughout the warranty period.
  2. Robust Planning and Scheduling: A well-defined project plan and schedule are essential for keeping the project on track. We break down the project into smaller, manageable tasks and assign realistic deadlines from design development and technical drawing stage through installation. This helps us identify potential bottlenecks, allocate resources efficiently, and proactively manage any risks that may arise.
  3. Agile Adaptability: Flexibility is key in the ever-changing world of project management. We understand that unexpected challenges may arise during the course of a project. Our agile approach allows us to adapt to these changes quickly and effectively. By staying proactive and embracing innovative solutions, we can mitigate risks and ensure the project stays on course.
  4. Resource Management: Proper allocation of resources, including materials and manpower, is critical to project success. Our experienced project managers carefully assess resource requirements and ensure they are available when needed. This not only optimizes productivity but also helps us control costs and avoid delays. Our project managers come from years of experience, and a good number have been on the opposite side of the industry, working in museums. With this background, they are armed to allocate resources effectively and efficiently. 
  5. Continuous Monitoring and Quality Control: Throughout the project, we employ rigorous monitoring and quality control measures. Regular site visits, progress tracking, and thorough inspections help us identify and address any issues promptly. By maintaining strict quality standards, we ensure that the final installation meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Delivering Exceptional Installations

By combining accurate estimating with effective project management, 1220 Exhibits consistently delivers exceptional installations on time and on budget. Our dedication to excellence, coupled with our passion for creating immersive experiences, sets us apart in the industry. Whether it’s a museum, exhibition, or trade show, we strive to exceed expectations and create unforgettable installations that both inspire and engage visitors.

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