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Importance of an In-house Design Team

When planning a large project and deciding who to place your trust in to create this project, it is important to consider all factors of the design process- from the planning stage to the final installation. It is crucial to have a design team that will be knowledgeable about your project and hands-on every step of the way to create a seamless finished product that matches your vision. 

That’s why having a design team that is fully in-house, in every stage of the process, is key. Outsourcing design jobs can lead to slower production times, miscommunications, and higher project costs. 

Here at 1220, we believe an in-house design team is the only way to go when building and designing high-quality projects. 

Advantages of an In-House Design Team

Increased Quality Control

When the entire team is in-house, it’s easy to have crew meetings to face any issues that arise and allow for collaboration from the team as a whole to solve them, ensuring a high-quality finished project. Everyone in the space has an extensive depth of knowledge about the project that produces a more responsive and hands-on approach when handling problems if they come up. 

More Knowledge of the Project

An in-house design team has more intentional contact with the project they are working on and everyone on the team is working toward a common goal. Every team member knows the project as a whole, what’s expected from the team, and their attention to detail is more focused and direct to each individual project. Team camaraderie and cohesion create a high-quality piece in the end for the clients, adding a professional touch that is unique to centralized and intentional designers. 

Open Shop Allows Drop-Ins

If you as a client wish to come to the design team’s studio and see what the progress is like, with an in-house design team, it’s easy to do so. You can come in and give feedback on the project as it’s showing up to date. Or ask them to add to the project or improve upon something, if you think that’s necessary. This provides that personal touch that is so important for clients because it provides clear communication so that the team knows exactly what their client prioritizes and how best to achieve those goals. 

1220 Exhibits Proudly Features an In-House Design Team

Convinced that in-house design teams are the way to go? 1220 is the team to hire. We are experts in the space with more than 50 years of experience. 

We have worked with many high-profile clients like the St. Jude’s Research Hospital, the National Civil Rights Museum, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. 

We have a strong, diverse portfolio because our talent is unparalleled. All of our departments from fabrication, installation, graphics, museum services, design, and more, are located in our studio. We offer a personal touch with professionalism that has made us a leader in this industry for decades. 

If you wish to learn more about how our design team can help create your project, then we are ready to chat. Contact us today and let’s get your projects into production.