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Football Halls of Fame

From the Football Field to Halls of Fame

It’s that time of the year again. As we inch closer to September, it’s time to officially kickoff football season. We always love to take a blog piece every year that highlights our great work with various halls of fame across the sports world:  from the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame, Hall of Fame at Truist Park, and Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame to the International Tennis Hall of Fame and Virginia Tech Sports Hall of Fame. 

In this blog post, we’ll be walking you through some of our most prestigious football halls of fame: the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame, the Pro Football Hall of Fame: Lamar Hunt Superbowl Gallery, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame: NFL’s First Century. 

1220 Exhibits’ Halls of Fame 

In the world of sports, few achievements hold as much prestige as being enshrined in a Hall of Fame. These hallowed halls of fame immortalize the greatest athletes and teams, who have left an incredible mark on their respective sports. For football enthusiasts, the Pro Football Hall of Fame stands as the ultimate tribute to gridiron greatness. 

Ready, set, hut. Let’s dive in.

The Lamar Hunt Super Bowl Gallery 

The first stop on our tour of football halls of fame is The Lamar Hunt Super Bowl Gallery. In August of 2009, the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio opened the new Lamar Hunt Super Bowl Gallery as part of the 2008 induction celebration. The 3,400 square foot gallery showcases the history of the Super Bowl from its humble beginnings to its growth as the premiere sporting event in the world today.

The gallery is named in honor of Lamar Hunt, the man who created and gave the Super Bowl its name. It features a variety of exhibits, including the history of the Super Bowl, Super Bowl MVPs, and current and past pro football greats. 

1220 Exhibits fabricated and installed all exhibit elements as well as designed and created custom artifact mounts for objects. This ranged from the Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy to Joe Namath’s Super Bowl III Jersey, to rings from every Super Bowl. Audio visual elements assist in telling the story, including large format projects, searchable databases, and a design your own ring interactive. 1220 Exhibits completed this project in August 2009. 

NFL’s First Century

Our next stop on our football halls of fame tour is Pro Football Hall of Fame’s NFL’s First Century, again located in Canton Ohio. This 1220 Exhibits project was completed in May 2013.

As part of a look at the Future 50 Years, the Pro Football Hall of Fame redesigned and expanded their flagship historical exhibit. “The First 100 Years” includes two floors of exhibits, highlighting both the history of professional football and the significant moments from the first 100 years of the sport. 

The first floor of the rotunda is set up as a timeline and highlights every era of football through rich text, video displays, and historical art. The second floor offers a thematic look at this time span, through interactive and audio/visual exhibits. In addition, as part of the building expansion, experiential graphics and branding were installed in the lobby, special event spaces and new Research and Preservation Center. 

Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame 

To piggyback off our NFL theme, our last stop is at the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame. As one of the oldest and most storied franchises in professional football, the Green Bay Packers hold a special place in the hearts of football fans worldwide. The Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame, housed within Lambeau Field, is a shrine to the team’s rich history and unparalleled success. 

With the expert touch of 1220 Exhibits, this exhibit celebrates the legendary players, coaches, and iconic moments that have made the Packers a symbol of football excellence. From Vince Lombardi’s coaching legacy to the team’s Super Bowl victories, the exhibit immerses visitors in the Green Bay Packers’ storied past. It’s a testament to the team’s commitment to preserving its heritage and inspiring future generations of football greatness. 

1220 Exhibits completed work on this exhibit in August 2015. 

Continued Relationships With Halls of Fame 

As we journeyed through the various halls of fame: the Lamar Hunt Super Bowl Gallery, NFL’s First Century, and the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame, we were treated to a glimpse of football’s most celebrated achievements. The Pro Football Hall of Fame, with the help of 1220 Exhibits, immortalizes the legends and moments that have shaped the game and inspired millions of fans worldwide. 

These exhibits stand as a testament to the power of custom craftsmanship and attention to detail in preserving the legacy of football greatness. For football enthusiasts and sports lovers alike, visiting these hallowed halls offers a chance to relive iconic moments and pay tribute to the athletes who have made the sport what it is today. 

Although we completed work on the halls of fame listed, we continue to maintain a close relationship with all of our clients, across various industries – not just sports – to assist in future renovations, additions, and more. Are you looking to construct or update your hall of fame? Feel free to contact us here, no matter the industry.